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Our Services

M&A Advisory

Balance Management has an extensive network in the Public Accounting sector that reaches back to the late 1970’s with Hartley Computers through Solution 6 and MYOB.

After developing the strategy and identifying and researching potential Practices, our focus is not only negotiating the appropriate financial return; but just as importantly the right cultural fit for both parties and their employees.

We offer;
• Experience across the National network of public Accountants
• Credibility
• Project Management
• Confidentiality
• Negotiation Skills

Business Development

We will spend the required time with you in order to establish the competitive environment, your unique value proposition and the target client base you are looking for.

Our thorough analysis aims to answer the following questions;
• What do your target clients want ?
• Why would a client move to your firm ?
• Why is your firm different ?
• Does your firm have a value statement ?
• Why do existing clients like your firm ?
• What type of new clients are your firm looking for ?

Following is a typical sales cycle;
• Identify target specific prospective clients (prospects)
• Cold calling to qualify prospects
• Appointments to be made with you, I and the prospect
• Assistance with proposals
• Closing of business
• Collection of sales statistics for future analysis
• Driving, facilitation and control of the sales cycle

Marketing Consultancy

Combining a thorough review of your business, processes and systems we can develop a tailored solution for your practice needs. Professional Service firms are our specialty and a marketing plan combined with our unique offering of a Customer Experience Management program, we aim to deliver you return on investment.

We understand that in order to attract new clients to your practice, you need to foster and retain your current clients and also promote your unique value proposition to potential clients.

Your marketing plan will also encompass our expertise in social media marketing, search engine optimisation and the development of your digital strategy.

Debtors Collection

Balance Management Debtors Collection Services can either assist with your day to day collections or just assist with collections of clients who are inconveniently situated in your 90 days plus column.

What do we need from you?
1. A debtors list showing ageing as Current, 30 days, 60 days etc.
2. A Contact List showing Contact Name, Company Name/Trading Name and Phone numbers
3. Date of last Contact & Comments (Brief History of any pertinent issues)

What will we do for you?

One of our team will contact the debtor and represent themselves as either a member of your team or as an outside agency, whatever is preferable and most effective under the circumstance. Contact will be made in a fashion that will retain as harmonious a relationship between the debtor and your Practice as possible, to enable goodwill for future transactions.


We are professional debt collectors with extensive experience in the public accounting sector with the over 20 years knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of this industry.

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